3 thoughts on “HOME

  1. I wanted to pass on a message to Stephen Way- how you inspired me as a young woman from Canada in her twenties who developed a passion for hairdressing through sitting in your chair, sharing the same birthday and learning your story. I too retired my scissors a while ago but the memory of such a great teacher and friend has stayed with me. I used to be able to call the salon on our mutual June 4th birthday but the chance to do that has passed- where ever he is please wish him well for me “Denny” and remind him that his inspiration remains a part of my life- all the best to you Neil- the salon I first went to so long ago has magic in the walls- I can imagine you must be one hell of an artist to have made it there- Take care all…..

  2. I worked at Stevenway , both as a model at first and then helping out with reception and the shampooing , remember Stephen and his brother well , and the receptionist Jocelyn , sadly I think Harley has passed on , but Stephen later married the lovely Gloria Hunniford

  3. I had my hair done by Vanessa at Stephen Way for 15 years when I lived and worked in London. I have lived in Wales for 12 years now and only once in all those years has my colour been done properly and that was on a visit to London. I was lucky enough to find Vanessa still there. Every experience there was a good one, not just the hairdressing but the manicure and head massages. Wonderful salon with great atmosphere, amazing staff who really know their stuff, who are innotive, creative and flamboyant. Excellent customer service and the gorgeous Stephen and Pedro who always made me smile with his wonderful wit. Its the place I miss more than anyone other since leaving London. Very, very best wishes to you Neil and love to all the staff. Please open a branch in North Wales

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